Bonolotto Odds - Why Do People Love Bonoloto? Because of the Great Jackpot Winning Odds!

Many people in Spain and around the world enjoy playing the Spanish Bonoloto lottery game, for many reasons, but one of the very special reasons is the great jackpot winning odds, which are among the best odds in the lottery world.

1 in 13,983,816 Wins The Jackpot of 400,000 Euros

A jackpot of 400k Euros is a lot of money. The winning odds of almost one in 14 million tickets are a lot better than most lotto games. For example the USA Powerball has jackpot winning odds of 1 in 292,201,338 and the Euromillions has jackpot winning odds of 1 in 139,838,160. The Spanish La Primitiva lottery game has jackpot winning odds of 1 in 31,625,100. 

All of this means that the Bonoloto has 3 to 20 times better odds when compared with other lotto games from around the world and from Spain. This is one of the main reasons why people from Spain and around the globe choose to play Bonoloto.

Furthermore Bonoloto can be played 6 times per week, every day of the week except Sundays. Meaning that whenever you feel like playing you can purchase a ticket and don't have to wait for the draw, because it is drawn 6 times per week!

Bonolotto Odds

Bonoloto Is Just The Beginning! Spain Has a Big Surprise Coming Up Soon...

Bonoloto is the lotto game played almost every day of the week and all Spaniards, even children, know about the Bonoloto. It is played by most Spanish people on a regular basis and also by non-Spaniards around the world online.

But Spain has a few more surprises when it comes to lottery games and one of them is right around the corner. In 3 days from now on the 22nd of December the Spanish Christmas Lottery draw will take place in Spain.

In Spain where most of the population is Christian, the Christmas holiday is taken to the extreme. So much as to the fact that the Saniards have a special lotto game during Christmas, the draw itself is a whole entire festivity and people from all around Spain and the entire world sit in front of their televisions and watch while the children draw the numbers, the draw itself can take all day long and the prize pool for this Spanish Lottery game is around 2.4 billion Euros this year!

The rules of the Loteria de Navidad (as it is called in Spanish) are different than most other lottos. In this game 160 "serie" of 100,000 "billetes" (from 00000 to 99999) which cost €200 each are printed and players can buy a tenth of a "billetes" which is called a "decimo".

Data From 2013 Loteria de navidad Spanish Lottery Draw:
1€4,000,000El Gordo (First Prize)€4,000,000
1€1,250,000Second Prize€1,250,000
1€500,000Third Prize€500,000
2€200,000Fourth Prizes€400,000
8€60,000Fifth Prizes€480,000
1,794€1,000La Pedrea€1,794,000
2€20,000For the two consecutive numbers, one before and one after, the First Prize number
(the First Prize approximations)
2€12,500For the two numbers, one before and one after, the Second Prize
(the Second Prize approximations)
2€9,600For the two numbers, one before and one after, the Third Prize
(the Third Prize approximations)
99€1,000For the 99 numbers with the same first three digits of the First Prize€99,000
99€1,000For the 99 numbers with the same first three digits of the Second Prize€99,000
99€1,000For the 99 numbers with the same first three digits of the Third Prize€99,000
198€1,000For the 99 numbers with the same first three digits of each of the Fourth Prizes€198,000
999€1,000For the 999 numbers with the same two last digits as the First Prize€999,000
999€1,000For the 999 numbers with the same two last digits as the Second Prize€999,000
999€1,000For the 999 numbers with the same two last digits as the Third Prize€999,000
9,999€200For the 9,999 numbers with the same last digit as the First Prize (refund)€1,999,800
Total per serie€14,000,000
Total for the 160 series€2,240,000,000

Why Do So Many People Around The World Love To Play Bonoloto?

Spaniards love playing the lottery, each day of the week in Spain has a lotto game and the Loteria Nacional also has special holiday and seasonal lotteries such as the Spanish Christmas Lottery game. But only one of the Spanish lotteries is a daily lotto game played 6 days per week (every day of the week excluding Sunday which is the day off in Spain).

The minimum jackpot for the daily Bonoloto is smaller then those of the El Gordo and the La Primitiva Spain lottery games. The odds of winning are better odds than those of the bigger jackpot games and also the price of a ticket is cheaper when playing Bonoloto.

The Bonoloto is the more "simple" game, tickets are cheaper, there is a daily draw so it is impossible to miss. Almost every day in Spain a new Bonoloto winner is made, winning a minimum of 400,000 Euros, which is no small prize if you ask us.

People around the world love playing the Bonoloto and you can even buy Bonoloto tickets online today with the help of concierge service websites such as Lottosend and LottoDay that buy the ticket for you and upload a scanned ticket to your online account, they also update you about results and wins when they happen.

The daily Spanish lotto game has very simple rules, the odds of winning the minimum 400k Euro jackpot prize are 1 in 1 in 13,983,816 and filling out and purchasing a ticket can take less than 1 minute or even less if you are using a Quick Pick system for choosing your lucky numbers.

It's no surprise that over 2 million people play this lotto game every day, which makes a few people rich and wealthy each week. You too can become rich with the Bonoloto, the price for a ticket is cheap when you think of the possible riches of winning a jackpot - it is totally worth it to participate in this daily Spanish raffle.