La Primitiva

Spanish Lottery La Primitiva

The Spaniards know a lot about lotteries, and this is true also about the famous and oldest lottery in the country and in the world - La Primitiva. This game was formed way back in 1762, and for about a century was not very popular among the population, and when it was time, two hundred years later, the promotion of La Primitiva began and became extremely popular, today 90% of Spaniards play La Primitiva lotto.

Over time, lottery officials realized that it was too easy to win the game, and they introduced an additional ball, called "reintegro" which made it harder to win prizes and the jackpot.

Prize table and odds of winning

61:13,983,816€1 500 000
5+C1:2,330,636€100 000
51:55,201€2 500